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Provides the advantages of enterprise technologies and all the benefits without the worries . Say goodbye to worrying about the management, maintenance or equipment that keeps your business running smoothly. 

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Email / Exchange

Virtual Desktop / Office
Web Hosting
Spam and Virus Filtering
Managed Hosting
Email Archiving
Data Backup






Email / Exchange enhance collaboration and increase security.  Your business can enjoy the same features and benefits of a full featured, enterprise class messaging platform without the large capital expense of purchasing and maintaining your own the software package

·Manage email
·Share Calendar
·Schedule Meetings
·Share Contacts
·Secure Nightly backups
·Web Mail Access
·Dedicated domain name
·Wireless ActiveSync

Virtual Desktop / Office­  - Work from anywhere, anytime Remote desktop services enables you to bring your computing environment from the office to your home or any Internet-enabled computer, without the need of taking along a laptop or storage device. All you need is a web browser to access all your applications and data.

·Anywhere, anytime access using Web Browser
·Safe and reliable Internet access
·Antivirus and spyware protection
·Email, calendaring and contact management
·Spam Filtering
·Backup files and emails
·Wireless ActiveSync

Web Hosting Web, FTP and Email applications.  Services for Web, e-mail and DNS that allows the transfer of large files without the use of additional bandwidth on your network.

·Web base Email
·Email Antivirus protection
·Email SPAM filtering
·Email Forwarding
·Email Auto responders
·Secure FTP access, 24 hours a day 7 days a week
·Password-protected user account
·Domain name registration
·Name Server Service (DNS hosting for your domain name

Spam and Virus Filtering stop SPAM and store emails safely.  The only way to protect and preserve emails. Our spam and virus filtering services stops messages before they can reach your email server.

·Prevents over 95% of e-mail spam from reaching your email server
·User spam control for whitelist and blacklist
·Recipient Verification with Exchange server
·Stop viruses and worm from spreading to your network
·Backup email delivery
·Affordable service packages N
·No additional software or hardware required
·Outbound message filtering for spam, virus and worm

Managed Hosting - advanced IT “Stress-Free”

Email Archiving -  capture, store, index & retrieval

Data Backup- Critical data & business information protection




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